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C.I.M.O. srl is a company established in 1988 on the basis of the forty-year experience of the Barettoni Gianfranco company which still operates today as a supply shop of equipment and consumer products for goldsmiths in Valencia.

The daily contact with the demanding production realities of high quality jewels convinced the heirs of Barettoni Gianfranco to create a production structure for unique and specific machines capable of satisfying the needs of modern goldsmith manufacturing.

So here is C.I.M.O. which besides being importer and distributor of Kerr products (coating, waxes and articles for investment casting), specializes in the production of vacuum mixers for coating, the famous ST machines. LOUIS: real technological evolution of the conventional coating preparation system. Machines present today in all laboratories and factories for investment casting.

Over the years, the range of production has characterized the presence of C.I.M.O. not only on the national territory but also abroad, where the products are supplied and assisted directly with an expert and selected range of direct resellers.

The plaster lifter and distributor: DISPENSER LIFT, the ANGEL polishing benches with the patented water-air filtration recovery system for the precious metal and the very recent MIX CAST, casting machines for accurate casting, represent an effect of continuous technological research and innovation at the basis of all C.I.M.O. expressions.

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